Your guide to TANGO in LOS ANGELES

This Blog Information is not current. SEE NOTE BELOW

Because of the many changes in the milonga scene in our area, it has been too difficult for me to keep this blog current.

For current Milonga information please send an email to:   to get on an excellent list for notifications of milonga activities in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.  Thank you.. Howard

For a complete listing of all of the milongas, practicas, classes and special events in other parts of Southern California:

San Diego and surrounding area go to:
Santa Barbara and surrounding area go to:, or
Ojai area, email:

Still available below are postings of very useful advice and information about certain practices and traditions at milongas in almost any milonga in the world (Buenos Aires is different especially in asking for a dance). These are titled:
1. What is dance floor etiquette?
2. How do I ask for a dance ?
3. How do I decline an invitation?
4. How do I end a dance?
They are reprinted here with permission by Jay Rabe, the webmaster of the Portland Tango website. Click HERE to visit that informative website about their very active Tango community.



André D'Lucca said...

Hi, your blog is very nice! congratulations!
I invite you to visit my blog.


Rogger Mcloud said...

Very interesting the topic. In los Angeles we can see a lot of areas of tango y milonga. I feel like I am in Buenos Aires while I am in Los Angeles. Because the people dance the tango so well.

I ahve stayed in Buenos Aires a few years a go and I went to a lot of places to dance tango. You have places all over the city. Some places are full of tourists and other are for argentinians. I have stayed in an apartment in buenos aires near Abasto and this place was sorounded by places of tango.